For patients in life-threatening conditions, every second counts, so direct access to real-time patient information in all formats, including real-time video is critical. As a pioneer in developing high performance, low latency video encoding technology, Nuvola has deployed secure video solutions to healthcare facilities across the globe.

The entire portfolio of solutions is designed to enhance clinical collaboration, continuing medical education and improving healthcare. All solutions are specifically tailored and adhere to global standards in patient confidentiality and ISO as adopted by medical profession and institutions.

Video Management & Collaboration

Accelerate learning in healthcare and medical school settings where students and doctors are constantly pressed for time.

Not only do current video technologies improve the speed of learning, they also reduce costs. Nuvola’s Interactive teaching sessions, Live case transmissions solutions for consultation, workshops or symposiums as well as central image and video documentation are a reality throughout hospitals and beyond.

Making Innovative Learning and Surgery Procedures More Effective, Safe, and Precise

Clinical Collaboration:
Nuvola’s portfolio of medical video solutions provide secure, high quality, low latency video suited for real-time communications and monitoring. Supporting remote consultation, recording important procedures and enabling sharing of findings.

Clinical Training & Assessment:
Nuvola’s video solutions are designed to address the requirements of medical education
– Skills Labs, Case Reviews targeting clinicians, simulation rooms where program can be recorded and streamed live to classrooms, auditoriums, observation rooms or any other specified location.

Healthcare Communications:
Nuvola’s systems are designed for secure media delivery, with full administrative control to establish one media system that works across all platforms.

Making The Difference

Haivision Makito X Encoders / Decoders

Military grade low latency encoders/decoders that are designed for surveillance, video backhaul and multiple site video communication applications. Encryption and low bitrate encoding is supported even over public networks.

Haivision Furnace System

AES encrypted, centralized IPTV distribution and management. Receive the streams using free software player, set up boxes or digital signage, with Electronic Guide Program.

Haivision Video Platform

Secured high quality live or VOD distribution over uni or multicast via CDN to every screen, device within a LAN/WAN network, all without overwhelming your network.


Sleek, lightweight functional media extenders. Extends all AV signals up to 100m using just a single power source.


Feature rich, seamless video switcher for any implementations. Modular design enables changing of signal types and intuitively managed by a 7' touch screen panel


WAN solutions incorporating bonding DSL, UMTS/3G, satellite, cable, WiMAX and LTE/4G for secure, low latency video transmission.