Functionality, Privacy & Security 
Secured communications within sensitive government departments and top-secret workplaces is critical and cannot be compromised. The products include Secure IPTV, low latency full motion video (FMV) transmission with encryption, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions, Command and Control (C2) displays from Operations Centers and Video Analytics. nuvola’s Iron-clad, end-to-end encryption maintains complete data integrity and total security. And only the authorized can access this data. nuvola brings state-of-the-art security to all communications and surveillance data in all formats — voice, email, group messaging, and video.


Delivering proprietary information in complete confidentiality is the core capability of all Nuvola solutions.
Everything is for your eyes only Nuvola solutions meets the highest standards in security featuring end-to-end encryption, customizable authentication, Active Directory and LDAP support to ensure that you control viewership and assign access to only specific and authenticated internal audiences.

Connect, Control, Respond in a way not done before.

Nuvola specializes in integrating industry-leading technology with its range of high performance video encoders, software-based transcoding engines, and ultra low latency decoding platforms. Fully customized to deliver glass-to-glass full motion video (FMV) and related KLV metadata from any sensor to any operator, analyst or decision maker, whether stationary or mobile. Nuvola’s solutions supports industry standard MISP – compliant Key-Length-Value (KLV) metadata transport within the MPEG-2 transport stream.


Connect, Control, Respond in a way not done before.

Nuvola brings a whole suite of operational and field-proven Command & Control solutions – letting you operate a seamless chain of secured lines of communication from within the upper echelon of command structure, and right down to the micro-tactical level. Nuvola integrated voice, data and video solutions give you complete control over incident and event management so you can respond smarter, faster and without distortion to events as they occur. Combined with Nuvola Video Analytics solution, you can now manage situations and escalations firmly and effectively, using computer vision and AI.


Video intelligence at your fingertips to extract, categorize and process visual data
Nuvola offers a whole suite of video analytics solutions. The comprehensive package includes software for automatic analysis of live or recorded surveillance videos, allowing real-time detection of events of interest, relevance and search. Object tracking and quick extraction of past events and data from recorded video is a critical advantage when investigations are under progress.
All Nuvola products can be fully integrated with a diverse range of third-party video management systems and alarm automation software. Benefits that come your way include increased security, real-time safety, and gaining valuable operational and security insights. Nuvola’s video analytics enable users to reduce the time taken, labor and costs associated with manual retrieval and analysis. Realize the true potential of surveillance networks by deriving optimal value from video data.


Makito X Encoder

Compact and powerful low latency encoder supporting up to 1080p60 resolutions. Low bitrate encoding is possible utilizing H.264 and HEVC encoding technologies.

Makito X Decoder

Compact and powerful low latency decoder supporting up to 1080p60 resolutions. Low bitrate decoding is possible utilizing H.264 and HEVC decoding technologies. Video output is via SDI and/or HDMI.

Kraken Transcoder

High performance live video transcoder used in military applications over constrained datalinks. Transcode KLV metadata for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) applications.


Powerful videowall processor built on FPGA technologies for faster and more reliable video transmission. Feature rich and scalable for implementation of 128 inputs X 128 outputs.

Haivision Video Platform

Secured high quality live or VOD distribution over uni or multicast via CDN to every screen, device within a LAN/WAN network, all without overwhelming your network.


Feature rich, seamless video switcher for any implementation. Modular design enables changing of signal types and intuitively managed by a 7' touch screen panel.